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Help veterans and their families move beyond the frontlines to the front of the line.

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Be a hero to a hero. Donate today.

You may donate by clicking the “Donate Now” button above, or send a check to:

100% of all proceeds will be used exclusively for the development, launch, and operation of Veteran Health Services.



PLEASE NOTE: Although we process our donations using PayPal, you DO NOT need to have or create a PayPal account to donate.  Simply click the “Pay with credit or debit card” link, which is highlighted in the illustration to the right, once you’re redirected to the PayPal page.


We Need a Hero

For many of us, a hero might be the wise-cracking rogue cop from an explosive new action film; the shield-slinging patriot from the pages of a comic book; or the impossibly armor-clad alien-hunter from a next-gen video game.

But true heroes are closer than you realize.

Take a closer look. They’re grocers. Electricians. Entertainers. Police Officers. Teachers.

They’re coworkers, neighbors, and even close friends and family.

They’re America’s veterans. And like their fictional counterparts, many continue to struggle with a secret identity long after they’ve returned home.

You Can Be a Hero, Too

With just $5, you can make an everlasting difference in a veteran’s life.

The number of veterans with untreated mental and behavioral health problems is on the rise. Many in need do not seek help, which impacts their ability to reintegrate successfully into society, and can lead to domestic conflict, substance abuse, and more.

Veteran Health Services’ unprecedented fundraising initiative, the Give 5 Drive (#Give5Drive), is seeking $5 from millions of contributors to secure its launch, and subsequent ability to provide vital care to U.S. veterans long into the future.

Be a hero for our heroes. Donate to vets today, and help Veteran Health Services serve the well-deserved.

Save the Day

Despite the staunch efforts of dedicated organizations and individuals that donate to vets, the population remains woefully underserved.

But you can help Veteran Health Services make a difference and treat veterans and their families like the heroes they are.

Your donation is critical in realizing this goal, and every contribution – regardless of amount – can make a tremendous difference in a veteran’s life.

Rest assured, your generous contribution will go directly to the development of health care services and programs for American veterans, as 100% of all proceeds will be used expressly for the development, launch, and operation of Veteran Health Services. We are the providers of care.  And, unlike other charities that have garnered negative publicity because of concerns about how executives utilized funds, our bylaws forbid executive performance bonuses.

Please make a donation of any amount and help Veteran Health Services serve the well-deserved.

Beyond our initial Veterans Health center in Maryland, we’ll be launching other centers in veteran-heavy locations including:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Norfolk, VA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Seattle, WA

As you make your donation, please select which of the 5 cities should house the next Veteran Health Services center.