Are Testosterone Supplements Really Effective?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible primarily for sexual desire and sperm production in men. In the average, its levels peak around the age of 30. When the testosterone figures decline, the individual’s everyday performance takes a turn for the worse in many respects. The lack of sexual desire may result in a break in relations with a partner, extra tension in the family and all kinds of mental uneasiness. Read on to know if a testosterone therapy can improve your sexual life, and why supplements are effective.

How Does Testosterone Work?

There are two main hormones in the human body, testosterone and estrogen. A male body produces more testosterones than estrogens, which is the difference between men and women.

Testosterone is especially actively produced during the pubertal period. It shapes a number of male physical traits such as facial hair growth, strong muscles etc.

In adult men, testosterone levels fluctuate during the day, which is normal. The process depends on both certain external factors and individual characteristics. Men are aware of a testosterone level surge that occurs in the morning.

After 30, a gradual decline in testosterone levels begins. By 40, many men notice that their sexual desire is decreased. If the problem is not mitigated, it results in weak erections and bad relations with a partner.

Along with aging, certain medical problems can have an effect on testosterone levels too. Consider, for example, such cases as:

  • a tumor or injury of testicles;
  • a cancer treatment course;
  • HIV or AIDS;
  • inflammatory conditions.

Testosterone supplements

If a man suffers from hypogonadism, a doctor may prescribe a testosterone-based therapy. The use of testosterone supplements helps resolve the hormone-deficiency-related problem. At the same time, some studies revealed that there is no reason to prescribe this kind of product to men older than 65 if they have normal or nearly normal hormone levels.

The Influence on Heart and Prostate

An improper use of hormonal remedies can bring more problems than benefits. Topical studies have proven a correlation between ingesting supplements and heart diseases. Men taking testosterone-based supplements are exposed to higher risks of getting a heart attack even when they have had no heart disease.

Several years ago, an adverse effect of testosterone supplements on prostate tumor progressing have been revealed.

Side Effects

A hormonal therapy affects the whole body of the patient. Extra testosterone not only provides sought health benefits but also triggers adverse body reactions. When receiving such a course, watch out for these side effects:

  • prostate tumor;
  • heart diseases;
  • acne flares;
  • enlarged breasts;
  • sleep apnea.

Before starting comprehensive treatment with hormones, it is necessary to find out a true cause of low testosterone levels and impaired sexual activity. It may be of non-medical nature. For example, the problem is sometimes caused by excessive weight, idle lifestyle or poor nutrition.