Motivation for sport

Motivation for sport is an important aspect, which in some cases is not below the training process itself. The initial emotional impulse, under the influence of which you first outdid yourself and rose from the couch, will dry up, and the desire to surrender to the workout will gradually decrease, which is normal. Motivation will help – an idea or process of a psychological nature that moves a person toward their goal.

In such moments, it is enough for someone to say “get up and go” to yourself, and someone is forced to fight painfully against themselves, to make sacrifices. This article is for those who need help, you need motivation. But this article does not have what others have: dates, videos, tips for tricks. The author himself is active in sports, all phases of decline and advancement go over themselves.

What kind of sports motivation doesn’t work …

You can find many similar tips on the extensive Internet extensions, which run almost unchanged from blog to blog. The problem is that they are ineffective in many ways, even as a self-deception. The main opponent in trying to use it will be his mind, which will immediately notice every trick and use every gap in the theory of these techniques against him. Take, for example, some common motivations for sport that can be found on almost all thematic websites.

Promise me a price

If you promise to buy your favorite ice cream after your workout, for example, your whole body will be happy to get up from a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace and run to the gym. In fact, your mind will first send a sensible message to your body: if you can buy ice cream after training, why not skip the unnecessary middleman between ice and body – the training – and don’t buy it now? You will eat ice cream and not go to the gym.

Think positive

The idea is to motivate yourself by visualizing the end result. We present the press boxes instead of a brewer, think about how great it would be, and then continue – to pump the press. The inefficiency of this method in the experiment was demonstrated by psychologist Gabriel Ettingon at the University of New York. The point is, a person burns emotionally, dreams on their couch. This emotional energy has to be spent on proper training, not on virtual training.

Great athlete quotes

I’m not saying that these methods didn’t help anyone, I’m just saying that their effectiveness is to go to zero for very specific reasons – to use them you have to have enough willpower to motivate yourself without trade and rewards. What can those who want but cannot control themselves?

To achieve this, the mind, which often seeks the least resistance, must be forced to view training as something mandatory, equate jumping training with real loss, and experience the true negative feelings of that loss.

Psychological motivational techniques for sports

These are techniques based on specific psychological factors. Zero self-deception, maximum profit. And if, to tell yourself, “get up and go” – motivation is not enough, why not resort to small tricks and punches?

Exactly the methods of these two, but each of these methods works, which you can see immediately without distracting attention from reading this article. These are psychological tricks that get your mind to look at the situation in a new way.

How does it work?

If your training runs the risk of being interrupted because you are ready to do a deal with yourself again, imagine how colorless they are at this point. Do you have a brewer’s belly or a separate side? Imagine. No matter where you are, it’s easy to keep the picture in your head.
Admit honestly that there is no reason to lose training. Something is stopping you from leaving. What is it in this special moment: exhaustion after work, the desire to sit in front of the computer?

Make a promise in public

The method is no less simple and just as effective. You can master His Word on a soft couch: he wanted, he wanted, he wanted. But losing credibility in the eyes of friends and colleagues at work because of their weakness and softness – a completely different conversation! And if in your area the loss of reputation – the risk is acceptable, then your choice – a money bet for an impressive amount. The possibility of a sudden loss of real money even motivates a lazy men.

You can start with a solemn promise to your friends and colleagues to do sports at a certain pace, and as evidence, for example, publish the gym’s training video on social media every day. Believe me, there are certainly one or two people who are not indifferent, their stern critics, who are ready to literally give you a public judgment on any weakness.

Motivation is a mandatory phase in the life of everyone, including a professional athlete.