Low Testosterone: Major Signs to Know

Testosterone is a hormone, which is mainly produced by the testicles in the male body. It is responsible for multiple body functioning aspects, including a man’s sexual development, secondary sexual characteristics and sex drive. Also, it determines an individual’s capability to gain muscle mass (which is why female athletes seek to boost their testosterone levels too).

With age, the testosterone production gradually reduces. Statistically, about 20% of men after 60 suffer from low testosterone, which is a health condition diagnosed when the levels are below the normal lower threshold of 300 ng/dL. It is helpful to know relevant symptoms to be able to respond to a premature hormone drop in time and correct the figure if necessary. Here are the most easy to notice signs to watch for:

1. Poor libido

Sex drive, or libido, is the major aspect that the hormone in question is responsible for. While libido weakening with age is normal, an abrupt loss of any sexual desire can be an indicator of depleted testosterone levels.

2. Erection problems

Not affecting the erection quality directly, this hormone has a stimulating effect on brain receptors, which results in boosting nitric oxide production in the body. This substance triggers certain chemical reactions, which make an erection occur. With poor testosterone levels, the mechanism fails to work properly.

You should know that, if you experience some problems with erections and enhancement , testosterone is not the only possible cause; other conditions that can provide a similar effect are:

3. Hair loss

Balding is a common sign of ageing in men. In many cases, it is inheritance-driven. Sometimes, however, this can be a result of low testosterone, especially when your hair gets thinner not only on your head but also on your face and all around the body.

4. Scarce semen amount

If you notice that the amount of the ejaculated semen fluid has dropped, the problem is in direct correlation with your testosterone levels.

5. Decreased energy

Low-testosterone men often complain they are tired too fast, even despite they sleep well. Typically, they also have problems with motivating themselves to doing at least easy exercises.

6. Muscle mass decrease

Since the hormone in question determines a man’s capacity to gain the muscle mass, with its lowered levels you may notice the reverse effect. Instead, fat deposits on your waist may grow. This sign combination is characteristic to the condition we discuss here.

7. Poorer bone condition

As testosterone levels get depleted, bones get thinner. This is why elderly people often suffer from osteoporosis and are especially susceptible to bone fractures. You should know that this is another warning that you may need a hormone-balancing therapy.

8. Memory impairment

According to some medical studies, there is a correlation between testosterone levels and a person’s mental abilities. Reportedly, this is why both characteristics decrease with age.

The above are only indicative signs you may keep in mind. To find out your actual testosterone level figures, consult your doctor and undergo a special blood test.